Circolo Shardana-USA is a not-for-profit organization whose initial objective is to embrace and welcome all Sardinia-born residents living in the USA, particularly those residing in the greater New York City region. Shardana's focus has been to create and consolidate its US-based social network whilst also bridging across the ocean to reconnect with the Regional Authority of Sardinia (RAS) and share the same ethical and institutional values it represents.

Our Circolo welcomes all, including those who have a special link with Sardinia, those who are heritage but don't speak Sardinian or Italian. Children have always been included, and have participated in the various activities organized by Shardana. Our events include cultural and entertaining evenings ranging from seminars, to exhibitions, theatre shows and traditional art and culture (including chorus in Sardinian language). Shardana participated in the 2019 Bilingual Fair at Fordham University by introducing Sardinian bilingual expert Dr Giuseppe Corongiu to the panel about minority languages.